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Hello! My name is Kanah! I was born July 3rd 1997! I am the third oldest of eleven kids.  I love all of the beauties that God has given us in nature!  I love making people laugh and laughing with them!  If we live in such a torn down, sad world, why not make it better and happier?

I enjoy all things revolving around music!  I have the pleasure of being able to play the piano and harp. I also am thrilled to get to take voice lessons with my sisters!  I played the piano seven years with a lady in a nearby town.  Then the last three years I have been taking from a Russian pianist and violinist (the same teacher that Elly has studied with the last four years).  I have played the harp for four years with an excellent harpist (probably one of the best… No, it’s not because I’m her student :D)!

I also enjoy things that pertain to anatomy!  I have always been one not to shy away from blood.  Nursing people is one of my many passions!  Cuts, bruises, stitches, broken bones, etc. fascinate me!

I also like cooking!  I’m known in our home as the dessert baker!  I like cooking in general, but making desserts are my favorite!  Though I know how to cook many things, most of my popular creations are something sweet! My theory is “If a little is good, a lot is even better!” Though it may not always be healthier, it sure does taste good :D!  I love being able to cook with my siblings as a school project.  Seeing them so proud of the cookies they make or the cakes they help ice, makes me so happy to have them in the kitchen with me!  It is so cute to see them with flour on their faces, licking the spoon, or playing in the batter to make something special for supper.  I love being able to share something that I really enjoy with them!

I also like being outside! 4-wheeler riding, swimming, mowing, skating, an occasional horse ride, creek walking, fishing, and building new things.  A good game of ultimate frisbee, volleyball, or whiffle ball are all my forte as well!

I like collecting things, such as, tea cups, quarters, post cards, bugs, or miniature replicas of places I have been!

I also enjoy things pertaining to missionary work.  Reading about missionaries of old and missionaries of our more modern day; hearing missionaries tell their stories and share with us their experiences; and hearing about all the work that is going on in other nations. It is wonderful to know how people lives are being changed from false gods to the One true God!

I like trying new things!  Something I often say to the less adventurous people in my family is, “How do you know, if you’ve never tried it?”  If something new comes my way and I am able to do it… It doesn’t take me two second to decide whether I want to try or not! The answer is almost always “YES!” I sometimes get bored of doing the same things over and over, so something new here and there is always nice and exciting!

Being with people and making new friends excites me too!  I am known as the social butterfly in my family! If we are at a conference or some sort of outing and my siblings can’t find me, they know I’m probably talking with someone :D!

Life is to be exciting! I also like everyone to be happy and jolly!  Now, I’m not saying I like people to be happy at funerals where the people are possibly not believers, but I’m simply saying, why wake up with a frown on your face? What good does that do for anyone?  It certainly doesn’t make you feel any better. So why make others upset?

There are amazing things around every corner!  Life is a precious gift that God has given us! We need to use these things to benefit His kingdom in order to make the world a happier and warmer place!


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