New Year’s Day supper!

We finished up our holiday season with a traditional meal that has been in the family for at least 5 generations-ham ‘n beans with cornbread for New Year’s Day supper.

Our great great grandparents, Albert and Versa, served this to their family on New Year’s Day.

Our great grandparents (Tuffy and Pauline) did likewise.

Our Nana and Poppy continued the tradition with our mom.

Now Mom makes it for us every year.

Zaken had 4 helpings. I think he likes the tradition.


Christmas Eve At The Smith House!

Christmas Eve fun! We had our traditional dinner where we all get to pick one dish, it was quite the spread. Then we exchanged Secret Santa gifts and did Advent. Our newest tradition is dividing into teams to find “Hmm” and “Duh” the frogs-talk about intense! Now to settle down on our pallets around the basement and read the Christmas story. 

The dessert queen!

Heritage wanted a “Thanksgivin’” turkey as her dish.

Most of the girls getting ready for supper.

The mess in the kitchen.

The boys went for a walk.


Our full table-in more ways than one.

The boys.

Some of the girls.

“Hmm” and “Duh”.

Some of the pallets.

Dad and Zake.