Happy 20th Birthday Kashaiah!!

Kashaiah turned 20 on April 22, and to celebrate we went bowling and had a big supper!!

Some interesting facts about Kashaiah can be found here: http://buildingrstalls.com/?p=2108

Happy Birthday Kashaiah!!!!

Legislative Days!

Hello all!!!

Sorry it has been awhile since we posted anything!  So in order to make up for that, I am going to give you an amazing post!!!!!!!  This past Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we went to Springfield, IL for Legislative Days!  It was sooooooo much fun!!!!!  We had a blast getting to see some of our old friends and meet new ones as well!  We took some pictures for you all to enjoy!!!!

Kanah and Elly in the car! It took us forever to get up there because Elly drove sooooo slow, but hey, at least we made it there alive!

Kayelyn & Kanah had a great time playing card games together!

Spoons got pretty intense!

Here is the group that played Nertz. It was crazy!!!!

More games!

Then on to the next day, which was the best day…Cherry Pie Day!!! :D

Mrs. Slager getting the cherry pies ready for delivery!

Like father... Mr. Willis posing for the camera.

Like son!!!! Blake posing for the camera!

Some of the cherry pies! :D

Listening to one of the speakers!

The cherry pie pick-up line! :D

Blake and Lily Bug! :D

Some of our friends also did a skit! It was so funny!!!! :D

Andrew and Blake looking into the future! :D

The dome of our Capitol!

We all had a great time–And it was educational, too!!!!!  Thanks for reading!

Look What We Found!

Yesterday Mom took us girls to see “God’s Not Dead”.  Look what we found while we were waiting :D


Gracie with her favorite superhero’s shield :D


Kanah is going to conquer the world! :D


Elly was trying to be as strong as Captain America! :D


We had a blast together!

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a fabulously wonderful day!

More fun with the Foxes!!! :D

Here are some more pictures of our fun with the Foxes!!!!!   :D


The boys playing with Nerf guns!

While the little girls played with play dough (Macy made all sorts of things)!!!

The big girls gave Lauren a makeover!!! Before... beautiful!


After... GORGEOUS!!!!!

Sammy J. (Jordan) and Elly smiling for Kanah on their horses... It was a great ride!!!

The little girls had fun playing the in swing set!... It was adorable!

They had fun playing with Mr. Fox also!

(l-r) Gracie, Lauren, Kanah, and Elly at the creek!

The boys and Lauren climbing up the side of the creek!

(l-r) Zaken, Lauren, Gracie, Kreisson, Zane, Digger, Jordan, Elly, Kanah, and Kohen taking a picture of how far they walked in the creek!!!! (Kashaiah is taking the picture)

Walking back from the creek... We decided to take the road :D !

Some of the group got tired so we carried them back... (l-r) Kanah carrying Digger, Kohen carrying Zane, Kashaiah carrying Zake, and Sammy J. (Jordan) carrying Kreisson!

Claire lost a tooth at our house... It was very special for all of us!!!

Foxes leaving our house was very sad! This is a group hug picture!!!

Group picture!!! (l-r back) Mr. Fox, Gracie, Lauren, Kanah, Elly, Kashaiah, Kohen, Jordan, Engedi, and Mrs. Fox... (l-r front) Zaken, Heritage, Claire, Kreisson, Digger, Zane, and Macy! Mom and Dad were taking the picture!

As the Foxes left Bone Gap they sent us a picture of them in front of the Welcome to Bone Gap sign!!! 

We had soooo much fun with the Fox family!!!  We can’t wait until we get together next time!!!  I hope that you enjoyed the post!!!


It’s Almost Time!

In anticipation of the upcoming turkey season, we thought this picture would be appropriate. This picture was taken almost 5 years ago on Kashaiah’s 15th birthday. She killed 2 turkeys with one shot; just like her grandfather did 11 years ago.

Kirk, Kashaiah, & Kohen in 2009

Fox Fun!!!!!

Hello everyone!!! Well, we’ve had quite a fun weekend!  We had a wonderful family (The Foxes) from South Carolina come up and visit us!  It was a BLAST!!!!!!!  Here are some pictures of us with the Foxlings :D !!!

(l-r) Lauren, Kanah, and Elly at the creek!

We found this still written in the sand from our company last weekend!

We had wonderful fellowship during mealtime. It was so much fun to laugh and talk!

And we played games after eating!

We had a Play dough fight!...


while the kids played with it!

Lauren playing the Cello!

She played the Harp also!!... and did a great job at both!

We played games...

and more games!

About to play Capture the Flag! (l-r) Kohen, Elly, Lauren, Kanah, Jordan, and Digger!...

It was girls vs......


(l-r) Macy and Gedi... aren't they just the cutest?!?!

Heritage "Hare Bare" and Jordan "Sammy J.!"

We had soooo much fun with the Fox family… that we are going to have to make at least 2 posts out of it!!!  Stay tuned for more pictures of our fun horse riding, creek walking, game playing, and all our fun adventures with the Foxlings!!!!






More pictures of our weekend fun!!!!

Here are some more pictures that we took this past weekend!

At the conference:

Taking a break while waiting for the vendors!!!!


Elly and Daniele!


(l-r) Bekah and Kanah taking a selfie :D !


Kanah and Elly waiting for people to show up!!!


Ethan being... well, Ethan :D !


Our northern friends at our house:

Going creek walking!


Kayelyn and Kanah scouting the creek walkers from above!!!... Because Kayelyn forgot to put boots on :D !


(l-r) Zach, Elly, and Ethan just hanging out before they leave :( !...


while (l-r) Bekah, Kanah, and Kohen do the same :) !


It sure was a blast!  We really had a good time with all our friends!!!!  Can’t wait til next time :D !!!!!

ICHE Southern Conference


Well, for the past 3-4 months ICHE has been working on a conference for the homeschoolers down south.  The conference was wonderful!  We were so blessed by the turnout and the old friends we saw and the new friends we met!  Our speakers for the conference were: Kevin Swanson, Daniel Craig, Matt Fowler, Kert Martin, Jeff Lewis, David Smith, and our parents.  Each of the speakers did a fantastic job!  People that we talked to said how much they enjoyed it, and how much they were encouraged.  For many of our attendants, it was their first conference with ICHE; so we were thrilled!

After the conference and clean up, we headed back to our house with a car caravan of our northern friends who helped and attended the conference.  We really enjoyed seeing them all again!  There was 4-Wheeler riding, horseback riding, volleyball, food, and a lot of talking:).  They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are some from convention and the visit.

A big thank you to the Lewis’, Bentz’, Sissons, Skarins, Johnsons, Martins, Slagers, and many others who helped with the conference!  We really appreciate all the hard work you did!


Kanah and Elly waiting for registration to open

Dad welcoming everyone

Daniel Craig singing A Mighty Fortress is Our God

Kevin Swanson did an amazing job!

Mr. Skarin welcoming everyone to Mr. Swanson's 2nd Keynote

Deciding which session to go to

Mr. Lewis encouraging the men who attended

Music before another Keynote

Daniel Craig did a terrific job singing and speaking!

We really enjoyed having Mr. Fowler this year

Mr. Smith from IFI speaking about our legislation

We had some wonderful vendors this year!

It was a fun and encouraging day!  Later in the evening:

Kayelyn, Heritage and Engedi all cozy

Josh, Kohen, and Zach

Kanah and Bekah

Gedi showing Katie her picture

Caleb's way of relaxing

Mr. Sisson, Dad, and Kashaiah

Gedi reading to the big kids

Breakfast time, yummy!

Josh gave Engedi a picture to get her to be his friend:)

Hi Ethan!

Mrs. Slager came to the conference for her birthday:). Happy Birthday Mrs. Slager!!!

We had so much fun with everyone!